The Reports

This is an essential document that provides a written and photographed record of condition before the beginning of each new tenancy.

A properly constructed Inventory/Schedule of Condition details the fixtures and fittings and describes their condition and that of the property generally.


An accurately constructed, well-detailed report is crucial in today’s lettings market, especially with the introduction of the TDS scheme.

Recent tenancy deposit scheme cases have highlighted the need for a clear and concise inventory to protect the landlord. Many cases have resulted in a full return of the deposit as the landlord could not provide sufficient evidence to successfully pursue their action.


Open House Smart Management is our bespoke online booking system. Here you can login, book instructions, monitor bookings, and retrieve reports.

An Inventory should be produced as close to the tenancy start date as possible. We always encourage our clients to schedule the Inventory as the last contractors into the property before the tenants. We usually arrive the day before or day of the tenancy start date.

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